Non-diet Approach

We tend to not be very patient with weight loss because change is hard. We get excited by new promises and new eating and exercise routines. Once this excitement wears off we are faced with a rigid plan that is hard to follow in our “real” world. These plans tend to ignore our internal signals to eat. They mess with our metabolism and make it hard to enjoy our lives.

Diet Paradigm

Inflexible, quantitative, prescriptive, rigid, perfection-seeking, good or bad foods, rules, deprivation, time-based, fear-driven, guilt-inducing, shaming, body hatred, hunger, struggle, rationalising, temptation, thought-consuming, punishing.

Non-Diet Paradigm

Flexible, accepting, welcomes all foods, intuitive, qualitative, supporting, enjoyable, life balance, appreciating, comfort, confidence, variety, freedom, natural, calm, pleasurable, kindness, nurturing, grateful, nourishing, forgiving, satisfaction, trust-building.

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